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so bad being away from youI just want to hold, kiss, and feel you

thank you to the divine and for my buddhist practice that allows me to

want to see you in person. I miss you so much I wish I was already

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you, so accurate, my situation, youre so far, i wanna see you so bad

need YOU so bad!!!! I Love YOU!! I just Love YOU so much

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you, and i dont want anyone else to have you danny* | je taime

unwanted i want to die so bad end it now i need you to care please

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want to give up so bad | Sayings | Pinterest

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want it so bad I can taste it! | Quotes | Pinterest

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want to talk you and see you so bad, but I am afraid. Still working

Do you know how scary it is to want something so bad youre willing to

Want You Back So BadI

You learn so much from bad situations. We always see bad as bad and

because I love you so much and I want so bad for you to see me. If you

do you do this to me you make me feel so bad but why. You say you want

would absolutely kill to see you right now. To hold you, to hug you

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