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arguing over $0.20 with poor locals | Travel Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

The Art Of Falling: Youre Braver than you believe: An object lesson

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The homeless settle in at the West LA cold-weather shelter. (Photos by

Setting the Record Straight on Henry Stanley

The poor do not need our sympathy and our pity. The poor need our love

The Feast of All the Neomartyrs of Russia

Saint Quote of the Day: Saint Quote: Blessed Mary MacKillop

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Hey ne prenez pas la vie trop au sérieux ! De toute façon personne

The Lot of Women in the Great Depression (New Outlook, 1934)

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old Latina.!!! 20 Jesus Quotes That Will Make Conservatives’ Heads

Poor, miserable old bat. What he ought to be saying is how nice it is


Modern Painting Finds an Early Voice in a New Industrial Era | ARTES