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True true! My past is in the past and my future is ahead of me! No one

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The Madonna in Sorrow , by Sassoferrato , 17th century.

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-Apple Employees Reveal How The Company Is So Good At Keeping Secrets

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Psalm 22(Taken from the translation--- Todays New International

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Doesnt that quote make you feel good? There are times I think I

Weeeeell, we’re just gonna have to enjoy the company that comes

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Wages arent keeping up with skyrocketing energy, housing, medical

Job: Shipping Operations Executive at Egylogistics in Cairo, Egypt

Remember, you can chose to ignore those lies and believe the truth

The Benefits of Mulching Your Garden

Mosaic Keeping Our Promises | 2012 Annual Report: The Roots of Our

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Yeah, maybe thats it, I have a lazy heart right now.