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One Quote at a Time: God has a plan for everyone.

We have a plan B.

Sometimes your plans dont work out because God has better ones.

God has a plan | Quotes that I love | Pinterest

Melchor - We had to adjust our game plan. We have the same game plan

God has a plan | Quotes that I love | Pinterest

God has a plan for you! | Quotes | Pinterest

Never Push Life God Has A Plan

to believe it.There is no reason to have a plan B - Will Smith Quotes

up because no matter what life throws at me, I know God has a plan

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God has a perfect plan for us ~ Faith Quote

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God Has A Plan quote #2

God Has A Plan quote #2

God has a plan for me | Quotes | Pinterest

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God has a bigger plan for me than I have for myself.

Quote: If Plan A doesnt work the alphabet has 25 more letters

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